Reisetbauer Qualitätsbrand

1998 Reisetbauer & Son Single Malt Whisky - aged 21 years

Single Malt Whisky

In the middle of Upper Austria, in Axberg, is the distillery of Hans Reisetbauer. He is a quality nut who in the mid-90s set his mind on becoming the fi rst and best Austrian whisky distiller. His mission: a whisky with an unmistakable taste!
He fi rst planted and harvested the raw material for his own whiskey, the malting barley, in 1995. Thus he laid the foundation for the unique Reisetbauer & Son Single Malt Whisky. The special feature of this whisky is not only the pure and untouched spring water of a Mühltviertel alpine pasture, but also its storage in none other than the legendary 1998 TBA barrel of Alois Kracher. In this barrel matured the probably most extraordinary Reisetbauer & Son Single Malt Whisky 21 years towards its perfection.