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Hans Reisetbauer
Hans Reisetbauer Junior
Andreas Mühlböck
Olivia Humer

Zum Kirchdorfergut 1
AT - 4614 Kirchberg-Thening Linz-Land




Wine-growing region:

In the heart of Upper Austria, surrounded by apple and pear trees, where fruit growing is a tradition, lies the estate of Hans Reisetbauer. Over time, the focus has shifted from the traditional, agricultural business, to the most modern distillery in Austria.

Since 1994, the farm in the idyllic Upper Austrian town of Axberg, very close to Linz, has been the company home of the Reisetbauer quality distillery.

Hans Reisetbauer and his son Hansi currently run the company with fifteen employees - and that with great success! The junior takes care of the organic farming and the father is the grand seigneur of distillers.

Their eaux-de-vie have long been among the international elite, because Hans Reisetbauer's credo has always been: to produce pleasure and not just a simple, pungent schnapps. The company's success is underlined to this day by a wide range of awards. The renowned Falstaff publishing house has named the master distiller "Distiller of the Year" several times.

Hans Reisetbauer always strives for perfection and further development and it is precisely this conviction that makes the products so unique.

"Quality creates friendship" is the guiding principle of the distillery. This motto is lived out in the orchards and in production - and you can taste it!

- Reisetbauer Williamsbrand


The Williams pear - the queen of pears - grows on thousands of trees in the company's own BIO-certified 14,000 fruit hedges and is picked exclusively by hand. The harvesting process is carried out three times. 50% of the fruit is harvested at the green-yellow stage, 35% at the yellow stage and 15% at the very yellow stage.
After harvesting, the pears are stored in a cool room for around two days to allow them to ripen a little more. The fruit is then mashed and fermented at 16 - 17° Celsius for 7 days. Subsequent gentle distillation produces the unique Williams brandy. This is then stored in stainless steel tanks for a further 2 years.

12,2 kg of williams pears are needed for one liter of 100% pure fruit distillate.

- Reisetbauer Karottenbrand


The carrots are washed and immediately cut up and chopped until mash-like.
To avoid oxidation the fruits are pumped into a stainless steel fermenting tank. Now fermentation starts and the mash is agitated on a daily basis. The fermentation temperature is 16 to 17°C and fermentation takes 7 to 8 days.
The fermented mash is distilled twice, slowly and with great care. The head and tail are removed, and the “heart” distillate with 83% alcohol by volume is used for the dilution with spring water to an alcoholic content of 41.5% alcohol by volume. 40 kg of carrots are needed for one liter of 100% pure fruit distillate.

1998 Reisetbauer & Son Single Malt Whisky - aged 21 years

Single Malt Whisky

In the middle of Upper Austria, in Axberg, is the distillery of Hans Reisetbauer. He is a quality nut who in the mid-90s set his mind on becoming the fi rst and best Austrian whisky distiller. His mission: a whisky with an unmistakable taste!
He fi rst planted and harvested the raw material for his own whiskey, the malting barley, in 1995. Thus he laid the foundation for the unique Reisetbauer & Son Single Malt Whisky. The special feature of this whisky is not only the pure and untouched spring water of a Mühltviertel alpine pasture, but also its storage in none other than the legendary 1998 TBA barrel of Alois Kracher. In this barrel matured the probably most extraordinary Reisetbauer & Son Single Malt Whisky 21 years towards its perfection.

- 4x7 X.O Single Vintage Prime Rum


4X7 X.O Single Vintage Prime Rum. The latest creation from master distiller Hans Reisetbauer. A cuvée of 50% Jamaican and 50% Reisetbauer‘s own production, based on finest fair-trade certified molasses from Mauritius. Stored in oak barrels and bottled with the utmost care in Axberg.
The perfect base for unforgettable cocktails. A rum for every day.

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