Reisetbauer Qualitätsbrand

- Reisetbauer Williamsbrand


The Williams pear - the queen of pears - grows on thousands of trees in the company's own BIO-certified 14,000 fruit hedges and is picked exclusively by hand. The harvesting process is carried out three times. 50% of the fruit is harvested at the green-yellow stage, 35% at the yellow stage and 15% at the very yellow stage.
After harvesting, the pears are stored in a cool room for around two days to allow them to ripen a little more. The fruit is then mashed and fermented at 16 - 17° Celsius for 7 days. Subsequent gentle distillation produces the unique Williams brandy. This is then stored in stainless steel tanks for a further 2 years.

12,2 kg of williams pears are needed for one liter of 100% pure fruit distillate.