55. Weingut Salwey

Konrad Salwey
Philipp Hettich

Kirchweg 11
DE - 79235 Vogtsburg Baden



Wine-growing region:
Baden / Germany

The Salwey estate from Oberrotweil in the Kaiserstuhl area of Baden is truly a family operation, but also quite different. Beginning its third generation headed by Konrad Salwey, the estate is committed to the classic Kaiserstuhl varietals, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Konrad is known for experimentation, to take chances with new techniques and procedures but also to dismiss and reject such same but always in the interest of advancing the style of vinification. His particularly strong affection and passion is reserved for the Pinot Gris, truly the flagship of the estate.
The wines are always fermented completely dry and always characterized and defined by the Loess and Vulcanic soil of the area. During the fermentation process nature is allowed time and space without ever leaving the process to chance. We require the absolute highest standards in tending to our vineyards. 100% of the selection is performed by hand and fermentation is done exclusively with natural yeast mostly in big "ovals". We avoid fining of the wines and almost always bottle without filtration.

Faithful to the Maxim: As little as possible, as much as necessary!

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