Weingut Clemens Busch

2018 Marienburg "Fahrlay" RESERVE VDP.GROSSE LAGE

White wine

“Fahrlay” is a single plot in the “Pündericher Marienburg” with just around one hectare. It is our smallest single vineyard. It lies on the opposite bank of the Moselle River to Pünderich. It is the only site where the blue slate is dominating the soil.
The blue slate is the hardest of all the types of slate; due to this, the vines have a tough life at first. They need to dig their roots very deep to receive all the nutrients and water they need to strive.
The wines are always precise and show a strong mineral character with a distinctive saltiness at the finish.
The vines in “Fahrlay” range from 50 to 115 years old.

The grapes are picked in different selections in October. Spontaneous fermentation in traditional oak barrels (Fuder–1000l), matured on the lees for 24 months (RESERVE), bottled September 2020. This Reserve-Riesling is particularly mineral-driven, very deep, and almost salty.