20. Azienda Agricola Paitin

Luca Pasquero Elia
Giovanni Pasquero Elia

Loc Serraboella 20
IT - 12052 Neive Cuneo




Wine-growing region:

Paitin is a name laced to the Pasquero Elia family and vineyards since many generations.
We live on the Serraboella hill and for more than a century our objective has been taking care of its vineyards and let wines blossom from this slope. With the experience that we detain we recently decided to approach new noble vineyards of Barbaresco.
We feel like we've been painting with precision, but for long time with one sole color. Today with this new vineyards, we added new colors; now we can better portray all the light and shade of the terroir of Barbaresco.

Löwengang Palace 2nd Floor

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