24. Gerard Bertrand

Bertrand Degat
Immacolata Cannavo

Château de l'Hospitalet, Route de Narbonne Plage
FR - 11100 Narbonne Aude



Wine-growing region:
Sud de France

Gérard Bertrand first joined in a wine harvest and discovered his passion for wine in 1975, in the vineyards of the Villemajou Estate in Corbières. He went on to learn more about wine for 12 years alongside his father, Georges Bertrand. Attaching great importance to values such as performance and excellence honed on the rugby pitch, Gérard Bertrand continued his quest to bring out the best in terroirs from his region and promote them worldwide. With that in mind, he decided to take on the running of the family's Villemajou Estate after his father died in an accident in 1987. Five years later, he created the Gérard Bertrand wine company to develop a range of products from the South of France. Now, the group is owner of 17 Estates.

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Via Gerolamo Zanchi 10 - 24126 Bergamo (BG)

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