32. Weingut Weszeli

Davis Weszeli
Bettina Weszeli

Großer Buriweg 16
AT - 3550 Langenlois Niederösterreich


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Wine-growing region:

The Weszeli estate is located in one of the most exciting regions in Austria. Langenlois in the Kamptal is not onlygeologicallyverydiverse, it is also climatically at the intersection of different zones of influence. The wines therefore combine warm, ripe aromas with a lively texture and energy.

30 hectares of vineyards are cultivated according to biodynamic principles. Davis Weszeli believes that by cultivating grapevines and soils based on natural preparations, profoundly understanding the environment around him and creating biodiverse vineyards, he ultimately has better grape material. Handwork is very important. In his best vineyards, he increasingly relies on horse management.

The hand-picked grapes are naturally turned into wine. Natural must clarification, spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts and long yeast aging make Davis´ wines harmonious and multi-layered.

The winery is certified organic and vegan, currently converting to biodynamics according to Demeter guidelines.

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