112. Giodo

Bianca Ferrini
Riccardo Ferrari

Via San Marino 2/A3
IT - 50126 Firenze Firenze




Wine-growing region:

A dream, a mission, a challenge: in 2002, after years of research, agronomist and winemaker Carlo
Ferrini finally identified a promise-filled plot of vines in the noble earth of Brunello di Montalcino.
Today, on the street between Sant’Angelo in Colle and Sant’Antimo monastery complex, Ferrini
cultivates six hectares of vineyard, divided into three parcels. The first (at 300 m a.s.l.) is shallow
and gravel-rich, while the other two (at 400 m a.s.l.) are deeper, with clay soils.
The clones he selected are all low-vigour Sangiovese biotypes that produce loose clusters and very
tiny berries. The first bottled wine was of the 2009 vintage.
Giodo, the name being a tribute to Carlo’s parents Giovanna and Donatello.
All of this is a passion shared with his daughter Bianca, who has worked alongside Ferrini right
from the very beginning of rooting his dream in the earth.

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