105. Montesecondo

Silvio Messana

Via per Cerbaia 18
IT - 50026 San Casciano Val di Pesa Firenze

+39 0571625001



Wine-growing region:

Montesecondo belongs to my family since the 1950s. Personally, coming from three generations of vinegrowers and after spending several years in New York as a musician, I returned to Tuscany with my wife and our three children to live on the estate. I am firmly convinced of the value of my terroir and the importance of a viticulture that respects grape varieties and traditions. Biodynamic farming has helped establish a direct connection between our land and our products.
The production area is the Chianti Classico. Montesecondo is located in the North West part of the area. I have two vineyards, one of 6 ha at 500 meters above sea level with predominantly galestro soil which is highly draining and the other vineyard, of 12 ha, at 150 meters above sea level which is formed by clay, sand and fluvial stone.
Montesecondo vineyard is certified organic (since 2004) and biodynamic. All fermentations are done with indigenous yeast. The harvest is manual. The only addition to the wines are sulfites, just before bottling when necessary and in very limited quantities.

Casòn Hirschprunn
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