36. Veyder Malberg

Peter Veyder-malberg
Carolin Veyder-malberg

Viessling 52
AT - 3620 Spitz Niederösterreich




Wine-growing region:

The wine estate was founded in Spring 2008. Its ancient dry wall terraces characterize not only the Wachau, but also the distinctive taste of the Wachau wines - something that is truly unique in the world. Vineyard work here is very arduous, especially because machines hardly can be used. And this is why Peter Veyder-Malberg is dedicated to working purely by hand, and with methods that have been used for centuries. Naturally, these are applied for the care of the soil and to strengthen the vitality of the vines. But the work on the terraces is much more complex as well as expensive. Therefore, it makes sense to produce only top wines of international premium quality. The quaffability and aging potential of the wines are key to all decisions made at the winery. Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.

Casòn Hirschprunn
Barrique Cellar

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