113. Loacker Wine Estates - Tenuta Corte Pavone

Franz Josef Loacker
Hayo Loacker

Località Corte Pavone
IT - 53024 Montalcino Siena



Renaissance des Appellations

Wine-growing region:

Tenuta Corte Pavone Loacker Wine Estates
Close your eyes – cue swelling instrumental music. Open them… and welcome to Tuscany and to Loacker's Tenuta Corte Pavone. Monumental wrought iron gates, a seamlessly infinite cypress-lined road, the view over the world-famous wine city of Montalcino. Talk of a Hollywood moment – simply unforgettable. Once you reach the estate, you will experience wine at its very best: an involving bouquet, a memorable mouthfeel, and breath-taking vineyards.
100% biodynamic since the beginning in 1996, the Loacker family is the pioneer of organic wine agriculture in Italy since 1979 on their winery in Bolzano-South Tyrol.
In Montalcino Hayo Loacker set up a dynamic micro parcelling of the land, dividing it in different areas to define seven individual single vineyard of Brunello – the "7 dynamic Brunello Crus’. The crus are dynamic because the final grape selection is optimised individually every year with new measurements taken within the individual area during the harvesting period.

Italy: Consorzio Vintesa Italian Wines
Austria: Weinhandelshaus Döllerer
Switzerland: Brancaia, Jeggli, Romanin, Divo
Germany: Vins et Co, Weinladen Schmidt, Peter Riegel, Kölner Weindepot
USA: Speciality Cellars, AP Wine Imports

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