82. Valle Reale Azienda Agricola

Leonardo Pizzolo
Alessia Di Tommaso

Contrada San calisto
IT - 65026 popoli PE



ICEA, Equalitas

Wine-growing region:

Valle Reale is located in the green heart of Abruzzo and marks the geographical boundary of the Gran Sasso Mountain, Monti della Laga National Park and the Majella National Park. The microclimate here has mountainous traits and is connoted by an element capable of making a crucial impact on the cultivation of the grapes: thanks to the considerable temperature changes between day and night during both in summer and winter months, this land produces extremely high quality grapes and conserve their fragrance and freshness during the very slow ripening phase.The vineyards are subdivided into parcels in two different adjacent towns: Popoli and Capestrano, both organic and biodynamic certified. Each parcels are marked by a specific Cru and identified by names linked to the history of these places. Valle Reale conducts all the vinifications with a spontaneous fermentations with indigenous yeats, trying not to contaminate the natural process of transforming the grapes into wine, leaving to the environment the task of establishing the organoleptic profile of their wines. Each bottle represents a year of hard work, worries and decisions made to face the adversities of the year, with the aim of reaching, only when possible, the maturity necessary to produce a great wine. When it is not posisbile to obtain, the wine is not produced in that vintage. We believe that the Valle Reale can be a different expression of Montepulciano and Trebbiano d'Abruzzo.

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