9. Chiara Condello

Chiara Condello
Alessandra Fiorini

Via Lucchina 27
IT - 47016 Fiumana di Predappio Forli-Cesena



Suolo e Salute

Wine-growing region:

Chiara Condello winery was born from the awareness of being a keeper of a wine growing history that was written and handed down for hundreds of years in the Predappio hills and by my desire to give a personal interpretation to this unique land. To produce a terroir driven wine that expresses the high potential of these vineyards, a Sangiovese of light and purity.
I work in a simple way: organic viticulture and biodynamic practices, indigenous yeasts fermentations of entire berries in oak troncoconic tini and small steel vats with long macerations followed by aging in big Slavonian oak casks and concrete.

Italy - F.lli Pellegrini

Löwengang Palace 2nd Floor

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