10. La Stoppa

Elena Pantaleoni
Alice Mazzali

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Suolo e Salute

Wine-growing region:
Emilia Romagna

La Stoppa is a long-established estate, founded over a century ago. Situated in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy, its vineyards stretch along the Trebbiola Valley, not far from the Trebbia river in the province of Piacenza.
The care of the vineyard is carried out by letting the plant grow autonomously, without fertilization or weed killers, only sulfur and copper treatments. The cultivation process is all done by hand -- pruning, tying, removing non-fruit-bearing buds, and harvest - to ensure that greater attention is given to the quality of the grape selection.
All of the fermentations are spontaneous with indigenous yeasts, no sulfites and at ambience temperature. We allow long skin-contact (maceration) to extract the maximum from the grapes and to capture the distinctive characteristics of each vintage.
Human activities should be conducted with an understanding of the nature of the land and by reflecting the natural manifestations and expressions of the local environment. Through this approach, La Stoppa produces genuine and characteristic wines that are closely linked to their land of origin.

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