48. Christian Tschida

Christian Tschida
Julia Köllner

Seegasse 36
AT - 7142 Illmitz Burgenland



Wine-growing region:

I was approximately 25 years old when I started to make wine. I wanted to become a real wine maker, making wine, nothing else but real wine.
The dream was very big: emotional, unique, touching hearts and with strong character - both the wine and the label on its bottle. I always knew that such a kind of wine could be my future, but I didn’t expect such a big impact on my entire life.

Now, 15 years later, art is giving me a huge power and energy, good to survive my crazy days in the vineyards. I mean, outside in nature, in the steep hills of Burgenland, on limestone and schist soil, not every day is a beautiful one, and exactly for those I need the energy. Energy - free from esotericism - to feel the need of the vines, understand the soil... I guess, I might have been a beetle living in a forest in my previous life.

I strongly believe in the true romance between vineyards and farming, nature and humans.
A fantastic vineyard treated well will be energised and balanced and reflect this beautiful character in the glass and on your palate.

My Name is Christian Tschida, I am from Burgenland, and I try hard and give everything i can to make wine that gives you more energy than it takes.


Austria - Burgenland - Leithagebirge
White wine Pink Maceration

Single vineyard, single barrel. The limestone soil that gradually transforms into schist on the upper levels of the hill is worked by horse, giving the high density planting of 9000 vines the sensitive treatment it deserves for resulting in an energetic wine.


Austria - Burgenland - Leithagebirge
Grüner Veltliner
White wine

The microcosmos of old vines and double planting system of Grüner Veltliner grown on limestone, schist and quartz leads to a multidimensional experience on the palate.


Austria - Burgenland - Leithagebirge
Mixed Field
Pink Maceration

A wine that has its very own definition, somewhere between rosé and red: the freshness and lightness of a rosé, the depth and aromatics of a red.


Austria - Burgenland - Leithagebirge
Red wine

Single vineyard, single barrel. Currant-like grapes grown on limestone and quartz soil resulting in an energetic and rich olive-fruit flavoured Burgenland-Syrah.

Casòn Hirschprunn
Barrique Cellar

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