97. Azienda Agricola Biologica Sassotondo

Carla Benini
Edoardo Ventimiglia
Francesca Ventimiglia
Alberto Caron

c.s. pian di conati 52, sorano
IT - 58010 Sorano grosseto





Wine-growing region:

Managed as an organic farm since 1991, the farm's 72 hectares are located on the boundaries between the Etruscan townships of Sorano and Pitigliano, Grosseto Province. The area is considered hilly by altitude but actually is better described as a series of "highlands," divided by deep creeks carved into the “tufo” stone by semi-permanent watercourses.
We are at the outskirts of the Bolsena volcanic basin, and the volcanic compressed sandstone, “tufo”, is the leading element:

on ”tufo grow the vineyards,
of “tufo” are our houses made,
in “tufo” are our cellars dug,
of “tufo,” rounded by the weather, in the middle of a field, is the sassotondo, a big round stone.

Ciliegiolo, a local wine grape, has been our leading star since 1990 but we also love to experiment new "recepies" (the basic ingredients/grapes remain the same, and they are all produced on farm) and bring back old techniques in our old underground cellar.

Sassotondo's wines endeavor to communicate the power and mistery of the land they come from: the local varieties of vines combined with an unique environment, with the tufo stone that appears everywhere, make wines that are fine and elegant, naturally concentrated, sapid and spicy.

2022 Isolina

IGT Toscana Bianco
trebbiano 70%, sauvignon 20%, greco 10%
White wine

Mostly made with Trebbiano, blended with Sauvignon Blanc and Greco.

The grapes come from our vineyards in Sovana, grown as Guyot, on highly tufaceous soils. They undergo a short maceration before being pressed; the must is fermented in steel tanks with its natural yeasts in our cool underground ancient cellar. Fermentation can last over two months and is followed by another two months on lees.

It is straw yellow with fresh menthol, white flowers and white fruit perfumes; dry, umami, with a good body and long persistence.

The 2022 vintage has been hot and dry, therefore a mature grapes taste, hay and Mediterranean herbs; minerality just starts.

2022 Lady Marmalade

IGT Toscana ciliegiolo rosato
ciliegiolo 100%
Rosé wine

The Ciliegiolo grapes for our rosé wine come from our vineyards in Pitigliano and Sovana and are hand-harvested and selected.

The must is partly the “bleeding” (juice taken from the tank soon after destemming in order to improve the skin to juice ratio of the remaining must) of the grapes that will be the San Lorenzo and partly press juice from the younger Ciliegiolo vineyards.

The fermentation takes place with the natural yeasts of our grapes and cellar at a temperature of about 18°C.

It is onion skin pink, with complex perfumes, mineral and with a good body; its alcoholic content is balanced by a nice acidity.

2022 sassotondo rosso ciliegiolo

DOC maremma toscana
ciliegiolo 100%
Red wine

Cilegiolo from our vineyards in Sovana and Pitigliano, of different ages. Guyot is the training system and the spacing varies from 3000 to 4.500 plants per hectare.

The grapes are picked and selected manually. Fermentation takes place without the addition of yeasts and it lasts, maceration included, 15 to 20 days. The wine matures for a few months in steel tanks.

Its color is ruby red, of nice vivacity; the nose is intense with notes of red fruits, plum, licorice, and the typical touch of ground white pepper.

The taste is warm and smooth thanks to tannins that are present but not aggressive and to a structure backed up by alcohol and a nice acidity.

2021 Monte Calvo Ciliegiolo

DOC Maremma Toscana
ciliegiolo 100%
Red wine

Monte Calvo is a small volcano belonging to the Volsini Volcanic District in Central Italy and gives its name to one of our ciliegiolo wines that focus on research on the volcanic terroir.

The vinification of Monte Calvo takes place in steel vats with some percent of non-destemmed grapes and no added yeasts. It ages in big barrels for 12 months and is then bottled.

Red ruby with purple notes, quite vibrant. In its bouquet, you can detect aromatic herbs, turmeric, iris, and a somewhat wild note. It is smooth and elegant, the wood perfectly balanced, with an extra note of white pepper.

2020 San Lorenzo Ciliegiolo

DOC Maremma Toscana
ciliegiolo 100%
Red wine

The name San Lorenzo comes after the old ciliegiolo vineyard’s name, located just in front of the old village of Pitigliano, in Tuscany’s Maremma. It is therefore a Cru, a single vineyard wine. The vines are over 60 years old and they have been under organic farming since 1994. We have now approximately 4800 old vines on 2 hectares, trained as guyot.
A part of the vineyard has been replanted, through mass seletction of the old vines, with a density of 4800 vines per hectar.
The rows are oriented SE/NO and the soil is sub acid of volcanic origin.

Grape harvest and grapes selection is manual, fermentation takes place without the addition of yeasts in steel tanks. Fermentation and maceration last from 15 to 20 days.

The wine then matures for 18/24 months in 1000-liter Slavonian oak barrels. The wine is bottled and left aging for another 12 months in our cool underground cellars.

The color is deep ruby red, suggesting its important body. Its aromas are dominated by cherries associated with black currants, black pepper, and cloves. It is very elegant with a long persistence.

2021 Numero Sei

IGT Toscana
sauvignon blanc 33%, viognier 33%, greco 33%
White wine

Greco, Sauvignon, and Viognier from our vineyards in Sovana. In the 1995 vineyard, Sauvignon and Greco grapes are trained as Guyot with a density of 4800 plants per hectare; recently Viognier has been introduced into the vineyard.

Manual harvest and selection of grapes.

The different grape varieties undergo a different process: in steel for Sauvignon and Viognier with brief cold maceration; in steel, with prolonged permanence on the skins for the Greco. No added yeasts. The wine matures for 12 months in barrique. It is sold after some months of bottle refinement.

Bright golden color, rich to the sight, it proposes orange blossom and ripe white fruit fragrances, as well as those of cedar wood. A balsamic touch is also present. Dry and smooth.

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