64. Weingut Odinstal

Andreas Schumann
Nadja Sebastian

DE - 67157 Wachenheim Rheinland-Pfalz


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Wine-growing region:

Odinstal is a magical place consisting of vineyards, meadows and mixed forest. Perched high above the rest of the region and situated next to an old volcano, we produce white wines at an altitude of 350m above sea level.
Certified organic and biodynamic.
The basic idea is to create a farm individuality that works without any input to gain a product with the maximum fingerprint of the place where it comes from. So we keep cows around the vineyards to have manure for our compost (and meat for the staff ;-)). We keep bees to bring more live into the vineyards and pick a lot of herbs and flowers that we use in teas and deductions to reduce the use of sulfur and copper in our mildew sprays. All biodynamic field- and compost preparations are produced on the farm with herbs, flowers and organs from the farm or at least with a relation to it.
In the vinification we only work with the indigenous microbiology of vineyards and cellar. We respect the different temperatures of the vintages as well as different sugar-, alcohol and acid-levels. Maximum authenticity regarding vineyard, variety and vintage!

Italien: Tannico
Deutschland und Österreich: Vinaturel

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