79. Niepoort

Daniel Niepoort

Rua Cândido dos Reis, 670
PT - 4400-071 Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal


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Wine-growing region:
Douro, Dão, Bairrada, Alentejo, Vinho Verde

Niepoort is an independent family business since 1842. Through five generations, the business passed successfully from one Niepoort to the next and in most cases older and younger generations worked side by side for a long period. At this time, the fifth and sixth generations are already working in close collaboration. The Niepoort family has been creating Port Wines since 1842. The first property in the Douro was bought in 1987, and in the early 90s Dirk Niepoort began a new era with the creation of the first Douro wine, the Redoma 1991. In the last few years Niepoort has been taking on the great challenge of interpreting other soils and climates,and acquired two properties in other regions, namely in Bairrada and Dão. Discover the Niepoort Triangle which expresses 3 different terroirs: Schist (Douro),Limestone (Bairrada) and Granite(Dão).

2016 Quinta da Lomba Garrafeira Branco

Encruzado, Cerceal, Bical
White wine

The Quinta da Lomba Garrafeira Branco 2016 stands out with its vitality, elegance, and acidity. This wine stems from the old vines of Quinta da Lomba, a magical place on the slopes of the Serra da Estrela Mountains. Its nose conveys the crispness and the complexity of the Dão region which earns its white wines a place among the world’s best and most serious wines. Notes of pineapple, apricot and citrus appear together with a subtle smoky character, beautifully integrated oak, and hints of vanilla bean. The palate impresses with its elegance, firm structure, and saline, spicy profile. The wine’s acidity points to the vineyard’s granite soils and lends the wine freshness as well as a lingering, complex finish. This is a very serious and unique white wine which will mature beautifully in the bottle and should be enjoyed out of Burgundy-style wine glasses.

2021 Voyeur

Field blend of old vines
Red wine

The Voyeur is a wine that is produced by co-fermenting white grapes together with red Douro grape varieties in amphorae. Its colour is pale, bright and lively. The nose creates a refreshing profile, combining notes of aromatic herbs and red berries. A pleasantly rounded palate offers crispness, freshness and beautiful acidity, culminating in a slightly piquant finish, with a subtle astringency that gives the wine even more personality. This is a versatile and uncomplicated red wine. A great option for those who like to pair sushi with red wine!

2012 Poeirinho Garrafeira

DOC Bairrada
Red wine

The Poeirinho Garrafeira 2015 displays violet hues. The nose is unbelievably complex and expressive, with notes of red berries, hints of spice and an underlying refreshing floral character. The wine impresses and delights with the incredible freshness and purity of its aromas which reflect the calcareous terroir, emphasising the elegance of the Baga grape variety. On the palate, the wine shows plenty of finesse, layers and great precision. Very smooth and with beautifully structured acidity, the wine offers exceptionally delicate tannins. Full of character, this “Garrafeira” is particularly well-balanced. A refreshing, lingering and deeply elegant finish unfurls more and more. With its elegance and depth, this great wine will age gracefully in the bottle.

1968 Colheita White

DOC Porto
Códega, Rabigato, Viosinho, Arinto, Gouveio and others

This is definitely an unforgettable Port! Only a few bottles of this ultra-rare wine that has journeyed through time for 54 years is now available to those lucky ones who were granted access to it. Its colour is a rich golden yellow, like an antique liquid gold treasure. The complexity of its nose is just incredible: notes of dried fruit such as apricots reveal themselves first, followed by hazelnuts and roasted almonds, nuances of orange zest and lastly, hints of spice. Elegance and finesse define the palate. It possesses the characteristic acidity of a white Colheita Port, which balances out its sweetness. The ageing period in wooden casks and the beautifully integrated brandy further emphasise the wine’s elegance and structure. It finishes on a piquant note and a seemingly endless persistence of flavour.

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