107. Tenuta Buccia Nera

Anastasia Mancini
Roberta Mancini

Loc Campriano 9
IT - 52100 Arezzo Arezzo


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Buccia Nera is a family-run winery and agriturism. The company is situated on the hills beyond the medieval city of Arezzo, in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. The first winery was built in 1926 and todays we count about 40 hectares of vineyard and 10 hectares of olive yard that extended from 350 mt. to 600 mt. a.s.l. with different soil types. On the estate itself, one encounters medium-textured soils with gravel, limestons, clay and sand with deeply fissured, and well aerated. Entirely certified organic since 2002.
The name of the company “Buccia Nera” means “Black Skin” and is due to our granfather’s nickname. He was called “The Black Skin” for the dark color of his skin. As he was so tanned working in the vineyards every day under the Tuscan Sun.
Although our family boasts a lengthy history and a wealth of traditions, the family business has undergone a significant change of direction and a process of renewal, thanks to the active participation, of new generation. Since 2013 the three daughters, Alessia, Anastasia and Roberta, and winemaker Sandro Nalli have had the full management of production looking for rediscover old traditions better quality and sustainable, low intervention productions.

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