28. Familienweingut Tement

Stefan Tement
Johannes Lamprecht
Killian Geppert

Zieregg 13
AT - 8461 Ehrenhausen Steiermark




Demeter und respektBIODYN

Wine-growing region:

Surrounded by the Zieregg vineyard, the winery offers an incredible view of vineyards and hills in Southern Styria and neighboring Slovenia. The family can be easily counted as the pioneers of contemporary winemaking.

They set a milestone, a flavor profile for the topographically diverse region they call home. In 1976 Manfred Tement took over the only three-hectares-small winery from his father. He put the winery, Southern Styria, and his idea of Sauvignon Blanc on the international culinary map. By now, his sons Armin and Stefan and daughter-in-law Monika work hand in hand with the parents about 100 hectares of vineyards – 80 ha of which are located in Austria and 20 ha in Slovenia. Since 2004 the winery expanded its most famous vineyard Zieregg to the Slovenian side, which shall count as the birth of Domain Ciringa.

What connects the family above all is the love for wine and the mutual confession to unconditional quality: The grapes are harvested by hand at the perfect time, then spontaneously fermented. The vinification and additional storing in the cellar happen separately in small parts, each vineyard, and parcel for itself. It was a personal concern for Armin and Stefan to work sustainably and think ahead. The next logical step was converting to a biodynamic circular economy and, in 2022, joining the Demeter association.

Next to the extensive offer of diverse wines, the family enriches the region with two gastronomical companies and the Winzarei, which offers a fantastic place to stay and a stunning view over the mountainous panorama.

AT: Döllerer, Morandell,
DE: Vinaturel, Weinfurore, Lobenberg

2023 Sauvignon Blanc "Kalk & Kreide"

Südsteiermark DAC
Sauvignon Blanc
White wine
Demeter certified

Our signature wine. We’d like to see the amount of character this wine has on all human beings. Characterizing our idea of Southern Styria, our region. Refreshing citrus notes, local yellow fruit, elder flower, and black currants. Mineral and straight forward. Makes you long for the next sip.

2021 Ried GRASSNITZBERG RIFF Sauvignon Blanc

Südsteiermark DAC
Sauvignon Blanc
White wine

This vineyard was planted by Josef Tement in the 1950s and has been since in the family’s ownership. Warm lemon, black currant, and apricot. Delicate and fresh with a gentle minerality and a mouth-watering finale.

2021 Ried ZIEREGG

Südsteiermark DAC
Sauvignon Blanc
White wine

Our icon and historical part of Zieregg is just as complex as life itself. Fully ripe citrus fruit, some litchi, and black currant. Firm and mineralic. Fascinating from the very first sip. Citric, salty, and indefinitely long. Attractive when young, irresistible when aged.


Südsteiermark DAC
Sauvignon Blanc
White wine

When the evening hits the high plateau where the single vineyard Zieregg Kapelle is located, it’s getting cool. Its fragrance reminds one of firestone and citrus fruits and is underlined by deep spiciness – an extraordinarily juicy Sauvignon Blanc with dark fruit on the palate.


Südsteiermark DAC
Sauvignon Blanc
White wine

As soulful as Oma Edina, whose backyard is home to the grapes of this wine. Kår [Koar] is Austrian slang for „cold mountain,“ describing the cool microclimate on the Kiesner mountain—softly spicy, compact, whit an creamy aftertaste.


Südsteiermark DAC
Morillon (Chardonnay)
White wine

Unique, not only because the synonym for Chardonnay is Morillon in Styria alone. Also, for the top-site Zieregg, it´s grown on; on coralline chalk. Ever-present herbal aroma, dried apple, and exotic fruit. Easily accessible, mineralic, and exceptionally fresh.

Casòn Hirschprunn
Barrique Cellar

Table: 28