57. Weingut Beurer

Jochen Beurer
Marion Beurer

Lange Straße 67
DE - 71394 Kernen Remstal-Württemberg


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Our family winery has been in existence since 1997, in the village of Kernen-Stetten in the Rems Valley. Since our founding, we have pursued the goal of producing wines with a strong and independent character.

We have been cultivating our vineyards as a fully certified organic winery since 2004 and working biodynamically since 2008. As a result, in 2012 we became a member of the Demeter Association. The organic management of our vineyards is a top priority in our company, and it is through this management that we have been able to differentiate the various sandstone layers of the Keuper step landscape.

In 2013 we were admitted to the Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates - VDP. Riesling plays the most important role in our farm, accounting for 65% of the vines.

For more than 20 years, we have been working with different grape varieties (clone mixtures) in the vineyard to achieve a concise complexity of our wines. For 15 years, we have been working with our own selections for Riesling – SELECTION MASSALE. In winter, we cut the vine wood from certain vines in our vineyards and have these scions further grafted into vines. After two years, we will be able to plant new vineyards with our own Riesling varieties.

With full confidence, we leave the creation of our wines to the processes of the microorganisms that appear naturally in our musts. We ferment all our wines 100% spontaneously. In this way, we are able to bottle the exciting differences between our local soils and vineyards.
In addition, we bottle some wines, such as our Riesling NOTHING, unfiltered and free of added sulphites.

All of our red wines are aged old wooden barrels to intensify aroma, tannin structure and density.
Long fermentation as well as very late bottling produce elegant and unmistakable BEURER-WINES.

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France - Brill & Gillis

2021 Riesling Schilfsandstein - VDP.ORTSWEIN

Riesling trocken
White wine
Demeter certified

Ripe, playful yellow fruits - apricot and pear - in the nose smooth the path for a slender, savory palate of dill and white peach. Juicy yet graceful with streamlined acidity, brilliant saline minerality and a lingering, apricot finish.

2020 Riesling Kieselsandstein trocken - naturtrüb - VDP.ORTSWEIN

White wine
Demeter certified

Grown in craggy, stony soils, this intense Riesling is both self-assured and self aware. The nose opens with sophisticated and smoky citrus -- lemon peel, orange blossom -- that supplements the steely, stony and subtly spicy palate. With a taut, balanced acidity and precision, the soft, almost playful finish offers a mysterious yet welcome surprise.

2020 Riesling Junges Schwaben trocken - VDP.ERSTE LAGE

White wine
Demeter certified

Bold and stony with fresh notes of peach, pear, lime zest, white flowers and lilacs. A dense, juicy mineral palate of green apples and honeysuckle laced up tight with elegant acid strings. Sophisticated and complex with a hint of the fresh brioche on Sunday mornings.

2018 NOTHING -Riesling ohne Alles-

White wine
Demeter certified

A lot of beeries, no sulfur - just time! Purity, minerality, vitality, tension, complexity, expression - The different stone stratums of our vineyards in Stetten make our wines unique. The results of our anti-authoritarian viticulture – idiosyncratic, courageous and consequently organic wines.

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