17. Tenuta Cucco - La Raia

Piero Luigi Rossi Cairo
Tina Guiducci

Via Mazzini,10
IT - 12050 Serralunga d'Alba Cn




Wine-growing region:

The Rossi Cairo family, also owners of the biodynamic farm La Raia since since 2002, acquired Tenuta Cucco of Serralunga D’Alba in 2015: 13 hectares of grapes in the heart of the Langhe. Tenuta Cucco, an organic enterprise since 2018, can be found at the feet of the famous 1300 castle from which you can look over the entire Albesi Langhe, which are today a UNESCO world heritage site. In the local dialect “cucco” indicates the hilltop location of the oldest part of the vineyard, inside the Cru Cerrati vines. These grapes are a symbol of Serralunga and are recognized as some of the most important in the area.
Experts consider Serralunga the most important out of the Barolo areas due to the peculiarity and longevity of the enological products, the maturity of the vines, and the favorable microclimate due to the height at which the vines are located: between 230 and 420 meters AMSL. Tenuta Cucco focuses on Nebbiolo grapes since that of Serralunga is considered the best Nebbiolo for the creation of Barolo wines. The other vineyards, which are between Serralunga d’Alba and Roddi, produce Dolcetto d’Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barbera d’Alba e Langhe Chardonnay. The grapes’ ages range between 20 to 56 years and have a low yield in order to prioritize the quality of the product.

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