50. Velich

Heinz Velich
Tobias Velich

Seeufergasse 12
AT - 7143 Apetlon Burgenland



Wine-growing region:

The wine estate is located in Apetlon inthe heart of the National Park Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel. Bearing in mind the natural potentialities, we have been working to get the best quality out of the vineyard and of the cellar. We are producing white wines only. Variety, soil and region are to be clearly defined. Grapes are harvested with as high and harmonious a ripeness as possible. They are vinified so as to be able to develop their natural potentials without heaving been overstressed by excessive cellar technology. The only concession is the use of French oak barrels aimed at emphasizing terroir and widening dimensions.

2021 TO

White wine

The name "TO" is a Hungarian word and means "lake". These ponds are responsible for the micro climate in which this one develops and ripens. The wine is corresponding with our imagination of a typical white wine of Burgenland with a creamy mouthfeel and soft notes of wood.

2021 Darscho

White wine

The name Darscho comes from a small pond of our region. The vintage 2021 is vinified in small and larger barrels and offers an impression of herb, pepper and spice and a long refined and nuanced finish.

2021 Tiglat

White wine

By vinifying this wine we have always in mind to respect the mineralic potential and aromatic flavours this old vineyard gives. This Tiglat can complete with all the great Chardonnays withour loosing his regional character and authentic terroir.

2017 SW Beerenauslese


"SW Beerenauslese” (Seewinkel Beerenauslese) is a selection of different grapes dependent on the year. The special microclimate we have is unique and makes it possible to produce botrytis wines. So we call our basic sweet wine “SW Beerenauslese”.
Lovely peach and apricot nectar laced with delicate botrytis spice, a hint of delicate dried fruit aroma, wonderfully balanced and lively with intense extract on the very long finish

Casòn Hirschprunn
Barrique Cellar

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