47. Erwin Tinhof

Erwin Tinhof
Lukas Plöckinger

Eisenstädter Strasse 10
AT - 7061 Trausdorf Burgenland



Wine-growing region:

Erwin Tinhof owns vineyards in Eisenstadt, that grow on the slopes of the Leitha Mountains. The grapes nurtured are indigenous varieties, and this has been so for 11 generations.
The 18 hectare estate is cultivated in tune with local nature; Erwin Tinhof practises dry farming and does not apply any use of insecticides or herbicides, nor artificial fertilisation, to any of his vines. The estate vineyards are up to 55 years old, and contain grape varieties that are virtually completely Austria, such as the white Neuburger and Weissburgunder (Pinot blanc) as well as the black varieties Blaufränkisch and increasingly Sankt Laurent. The wines are produced from estate vineyards and following a hand harvest and winemaking with minimal intervention, the wines are bottled in the Tinhof winery.
Effective from the 2012 harvest, the winery became a certified naturally organic producer.

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