71. Georg Breuer

Theresa Breuer
Joel Welander

Rieslingweg 2
DE - 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein Rheingau



Wine-growing region:
Rheingau / Germany

Founded in 1880, the estate has been owned by the Breuer family since the beginning of the last
Georg Breuer, to whom the winery owes its present name, continued the family estate and his sons Heinrich and Bernhard Breuer expanded the vineyard to 30 hectares in the best vineyards of Rüdesheim and Rauenthal.
From the early 80s, the winery gained international recognition thanks to the vision and work of
of Bernhard Breuer, Today it is managed by by his daughter Theresa Breuer with the support of the long-time cellarmaster Markus Lundén.

We cultivate 40 ha of vineyards in Rüdesheim (27 ha), Rauenthal (6 ha) and Lorch (7 ha) in the Rheingau, of which about 55% are placed on steep slopes.
Grape varieties: 85% Riesling, 10% Pinot Noir, 5% Pinot Gris, Orleans, Heunisch and Pinot Blanc.

Our own taste for wine, lets us pursue with each vintage the goal of producing dry top wines from special sites of the Rheingau to produce.

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2021 'Estate' Rüdesheim . Riesling

Rüdesheim Riesling
White wine

village Riesling / Ortsriesling

2021 Terra Montosa

Rheingau Riesling
White wine

steep slope Riesling / Steillagenriesling

2021 Pfaffenwies

White wine

Grand Cru / Spitzengewächs

2017 Berg Roseneck

White wine

Grand Cru / Spitzengewächs

Casòn Hirschprunn

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