Villa Venti di Riva Societa' Agricola

2023 "A"

igt rubicone rosso
Red wine

Fruit on the nose, earth in the mouth. “A,” a red wine made from centesimino grapes fermented in a Georgia-style amphora (Kvevri), represents a historical and cultural project, and more specifically an exchange of practices and expertise between some Georgian producers and their Emilia-Romagna colleagues. Precisely because it is set solidly within the “furrow” of the practices and experience time long past, we selected for its name A, the first letter of the alphabet, which—just like winegrowing-- we pass on, from the depths of time, from generation to generation in the countries of the Mediterranean basin.
Grape: 100% Centesimino
Production: Kg. 0.8 -1 for eatch plant
Yield per Ha: 5.300 plants
Training system: Alberelllo
Harvest: made by hand
Soil: Red clays and Messinian age sands
Winemaking: Georgia-style amphora (Kvevri), spontaneous fermentation